Music not of place, but of time. Blake is not unsure of who he is and where he lives. He is not obsessed with Africa, nor is he chained to ‘the West’. He is perhaps the first South African composer to be unselfconsciously an African composer. His are the blueprints and stratagems of a new cosmopolitan South African sound.
The Musical Times (Winter 2011)

Forthcoming events

22 August 2014 | Doncaster College, High Melton Campus, Doncaster, Yorkshire
13 September 2014 | Worpswede
1 October 2014 | Joseph Haydn Hall, Music University Vienna

Commissioned by MIAGI (Music is a Great Investment).

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3 November 2014 | Juilliard School of Music, 60 Lincoln Centre Plaza, New York
New Juilliard Ensemble, Joel Sachs (conductor)