Ways of the Dance (2003)

for piano and marimba/vibraphone

Requested by and dedicated to Ancuza Aprodu and Thierry Miroglio
Bardic Edition Playing Score (2 copies) BD in preparation
Duration: c. 15'00"


First performance: Saturday 24 May 2003; Germany; Ancuza Aprodu piano, Thierry Miroglio marimba/vibraphoneperformance details.

Programme note

“When you track an animal you must become the animal. Tracking is like dancing; because your body is happy you can feel it in the dance and then you know that the hunting will be good.”

This description of hunting by !Nqate Xqamxebe of the !Xo San (Bushmen) in the central Kalahari was the initial inspiration for Ways of the Dance, after I saw the Foster Brothers' film The Great Dance (beautiful images, lousy music). I tried to evoke something of the fragility of life for this sadly vanishing group of Southern African inhabitants.

Ways of the Dance was written for Ancuza Aprodu and Thierry Miroglio who gave the first performance on 24 May 2003 at Tage der Neuen Musik, Bamberg, Germany. It lasts about 15 minutes.


Daneben präsentierten die Musiker in beachtlicher rhythmischer und dynamischer Feinabstimmung die von rhythmischer Spannung geprägten “Ways of the Dance” (Urauffuhrung!). Die zyklische Komposition lebt unter anderem davon, das die drei wuchtigen Eingangs akkorde geringfügig verschoben und aus dem korrekten rhythmischen Gleichmass gebracht werden — raffinierte Nutzung eines minimalen Mittels mit maximalem Effekt!
Rupert Plischke, Fränkischer Tag, Bamberg, Monday 26 May 2003