Three Fragments from a Pilgrimage through Italy (2009)

for solo piano

  1. Gazing upon "The Ecstasy of Santa Teresa" (1'30")
  2. Discovering the Fountains of the Villa d'Este (1'00")
  3. Abstract Speed + Sound (1'15")
Dedicated to Willem Boshoff
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First performance: Thursday 13 February 2014, 13h10; South Africa; Michael Blake pianoperformance details.

Programme note

Fragments from an Italian Journey might have come from a miniature Lisztian excursion made in 2009, responding to the visual – Bernini’s classic sculpture in Rome, Giacomo Balla’s futurist painting in Venice, and - what was probably the most exciting discovery - the fountains of the Villa d’Este (the building now an exclusive hotel) flowing down rather than springing up, making Liszt’s illusion suddenly clear as spring water.