Self Delectative Songs (1986)

for clarinet/bass clarinet, trumpet/flugelhorn, marimba/vibraphone, piano, amplified cello

African Journal No 6a
Parts on hire
Bardic Edition Score BDE 956
Duration: 12'00"


First performance: Saturday 26 April 1986; United Kingdom; Metanoiaperformance details.

Programme note

This is the sixth work in the cycle 'African Journal' which I began in 1976, transcribed from or based on traditional southern African music. These two linked movements are taken from Nyanga panpipe music and Zulu bow songs respectively.


Michael Blake’s Self Delectative Songs fell gently and pleasingly on the ear.
Malcolm Hayes, The Times, London, April 1986
Coolly effective translations of Southern African folk music.
Keith Potter, Classical Music, London, Saturday 12 July 1986