Five Traditional Animal Poems of the Khoikhoi (1992)

for SATB a cappella

  1. The Hyena
  2. The Hyena Addressing her Young Ones
  3. The Giraffe
  4. The Zebra
  5. The Horse Cursed by the Sun
African Journal No 14
Traditional text translated by W H I Bleek
Bardic Edition Score BD 0552 in preparation
Duration: 5'00"


First performance: Saturday 11 July 1992; St Augustine’s Church, Brighton, United Kingdom; Brighton Chamber Choir, Guy Richardson conductorperformance details.

Programme note

These settings were composed in 1992 in response to a long-standing request from Guy Richardson. The poems, in a 19th-century translation by the philologist W H I Bleek (1827-75), are taken from his collection Reynard the Fox in South; or Hottentot Fables and Tales (London, 1864). The first performance was given by the Brighton Chamber Choir conducted by Guy Richardson on 11 July 1992 in St Augustine's Church, Brighton.