Music for the unrealised dance by Regine Chopinot
Commissioned by Regine Chopinot and Musicatreize
Music reimagined as 'Brandenburg Floor Plan' for baroque orchestra (2003)

The Seasons at Home

  1. Winter
  2. Spring
  3. Summer
  4. Autumn
Music for an imaginary ballet
African Journal No 8
Dedicated to Rochie and Max Swade
Requested by Robyn Orlin
Parts on hire
Bardic Edition Score BDE 957
Duration: c. 16'00"

Six Eighteenth-Century Codpieces

Music (English Suite) arranged from the Symphonies of William Boyce for the dance by Michael Holmes


First performance: August 1986; Edinburgh Festival Fringe, United Kingdom; Dancers Anonymous, Ensemble directed by Michael Blakeperformance details.

The Hunter

Dance after Olive Schreiner; scenario by Cedric Sündstrom

Travellers V

Music ('Chirpy' from 'String Quartet No 1') for the dance by Gary Gordon for string quartet


First performance: Friday 27 June 2003; National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, South Africa; First Physical Theatre Company, Sontonga Quartetperformance details.

Pythagoras Redoubled

Music (Thirteen Inventions) for the dance by Mark Lintern Harris


First performance: 1988; London, United Kingdom; Joseph Misquita piano, Michael Blake pianoperformance details.

Strange Land

Music arranged from the "Mass in B minor" by J S Bach ("Christe eleison", "Laudamus te" and "Domine deus") for the dance by Scott Clark
Dedicated to Scott Clark
Commissioned by Scott Clark and Dancers


First performance: Friday 4 March 1988; The Place, London, United Kingdom; Scott Clark and Dancers, Michael Blake and Musiciansperformance details.

For the Off

Music (Honey Gathering Song) for the dance by Gill Clarke
Commissioned by Arts Educational School London


First performance: Wednesday 15 March 1989; London, United Kingdom; Tessa Swade flute, Michael Blake pianoperformance details.
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